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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Draft Pattern: Felted Cloche


1 skein Cascade 220 100% wool 200m/220yards light worsted weight
5mm/US 8 40cm/16” circular needle or size required to meet gauge
5 mm/ US 8 double pointed needles (set of 5 preferred)
Tapestry needle
Stitch markers
Felting needles and wool scraps for embellishment, if desired


18st = 10cm/4” in stocking stitch


Cast on 112 stitches to circular needle.
Join, taking care not to twist stitches over needles or cord.

Round 1: knit
Round 2: K6, (k2Tog, K12) 7 times, K2Tog, K6
Rounds 3-5: knit
Round 6: (k11, K2Tog) 8 times
Rounds 7-9: knit
Round 10: K3, (k2Tog, K10) 7 times, K7
Rounds 11-13: knit
Round 14: K7, (K2Tog, K9) 7 times, K2Tog, K2

Knit until work measures 12.5 cm /5 inches from last decrease round.

Switch to double point needles as follows:
With first DPN, knit 8 stitches, place marker, knit 8 stitches
Repeat with second, third and fourth DPN until all stitches have been transferred from circular needle onto DPNs

Decrease round: knit to two stitches before marker, K2Tog, knit to two stitches before end of needle, K2Tog. Repeat 3 more times
Next round: Knit all stitches

Continue alternating decrease round and plain knit round until 4 stitches remain in each section (32 stitches total), then continue decrease round only until 8 stitches remain on needles.

Break off yarn, pull through remaining loops and draw tight. Darn in ends.
Agitate by hand in hot soapy water to lightly felt/full hat, pausing frequently to check the fit!

Questions? Comments? Instructions that need to be clearer? Thanks for your feedback!


  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger i800knit said…

    do you have pictures?

    i800knit at ralvery

  • At 2:21 PM, Blogger Christa Giles said…

    Pictures tend to be the very last phase of the pattern-making, for me... I try to get the pattern proofed, then make a second hat following the written pattern exactly, no changes, and THEN take pictures :)

    Here's some glitches already caught by AliceInDilbrtLnd on Ravelry:

    1 - There is a K2Tog missing near the end of Round 10.
    2 - In the switch to dpns part, you're putting 16 stitches on each needle, and 80 stitches will take up 5 needles, so you won't have a needle left to knit with.
    3 - Following from #2, the decreases every other round are worked until 40 stitches are left and at the end there will be 10 stitches left.

    Thanks so much for catching those!


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