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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Draft pattern: rust and burgundy slouchy hat

Materials: two skeins of Miski Llama, 5mm circular needles (40cm), 5mm double point needles

Cast on 93 st to circular needles, join, and work K2, P2 rib for 3". *note: 93 does not divide evenly into 4 (for K2, P2 rib), so when you come to the end of the first round, you will have 1 stitch left.. which will become the first stitch of the next 'K2, P2' in the second round... but this functions well enough if you just do not pay attention to where the start of the round is, and merrily work K2, P2 rib and watch pretty diagonal lines appear in the rows below since the rib stitches will all be offset by one!

Second note: the shop sample actually has the diagonal lines zigzagging back and forth.. but I found this to be too complex of a pattern for the lovely fuzzy yarn, and will be writing the pattern with a simple diagonal, everything-slants-one-way, brim.

3" of diagonal rib done? Good, change colours, and knit all stitches for another 3" - total of 6" from the caston edge.

Setup decrease round: *Knit 17, K2tog, Knit 16, K2tog*twice, knit 17, K2tog. 5 stitches decreased, 88 stitches remain.

Knit 1 round as follows: *knit 11, place marker* repeat to end of round.

Decrease round: *knit to last two stitches before marker, K2tog. Slip marker.* repeat to end of round, 8 stitches decreased.
Knit 1 round.

Repeat these two rounds until five stitches remain in each section between markers. Continue to work decrease round, omitting plain knitting round, until two stitches remain in each section.

Final round: K2tog eight times, eight stitches remain.

Break off 8" of yarn, draw through remaining stitches and pull tight like a drawstring to close the top of the hat. Darn in ends, and enjoy!


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